SEO and Marketing

No on-line marketing strategy can be successful without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Whether you are selling on-line via an ecommerce site, or using the Internet to raise your business profile, a high ranking in Google, MSN and other Search Engines is essential.

All our web pages are built to be Search Engine Friendly, including the "dynamic" ones using one or more databases as the source for their content.

In addition, we can advise you on optimising the content of your site to give you the best possible chance of a high ranking. And we of course review new sites regularly to ensure they are progressing well.

We can offer permanent on-going monitoring of your site if you require this service.

To make all this work, we ensure that we stay up with current trends in the way Search Engines rank websites, so that your site can achieve its best possible placement in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Additionally, your business requirements may extend to an online search engine-based advertising program, for example Pay Per Click (PPC). Here, you purchase a Sponsored Advert appearing at the top or the right of the listing page.

PPC campaigns can be very successful, and they can also be very expensive. We can advise you on getting good value for money and successful results from your PPC campaign.